Help! My car is a douche magnet!

So when Honda and I weren't working out so well anymore, I was looking for a car that would make a fun but comfy daily driver which would also make a passable autocross car. My main criteria were:

  • That it be a true sports car, not a sporty compromise on wheels;
  • that it be a convertible;
  • that it be a step up from the S2000, to help me get over the loss.

That's pretty much it. The sad part was, that there really aren't that many cars that retail under 60K new that satisfy these simple criteria.

I wanted the few little creature comforts like heated seats and self-dimming mirrors all around, but those would not be deal-breakers.

So I found Bubba and we started puttering around town, doing our thing. Not racing anyone off the line, not revving the engine at the light, not even blasting loud music out of our stereo. Nothing really to attract attention.

Yet a strange trend established itself in very short order. The same kind of situation would play out over and over again. Here's approximately how it would go:

Me, sitting at a light, minding my own business. A car would pull up next to me and the driver would say something eloquent like "Hey girl!"

I would ignore the first one, yet his type is not to be discouraged easily, so he'd continue. If the red light would be long enough, I would finally look over, and he'd deliver another two syllables: "Nice car!"

"Thank you," I would say and face the road again, hoping for green.

"How fast'd it go? What's the quarter-mile time for this baby? How many horsepower? What's its zero-to-sixty time?"

I would answer, politely, but not encouraging any more conversation.

Interestingly, they would all end with something like this "Let me drive it, I'll show you some good times!" or a variation on it "I'd take that thing and drift it!"

Which truly perplexes me. I really can't parse the connection between them liking my car and their apparent assumption that I bought it for their driving pleasure.


Oh, it's green.

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