In suspension: TRX

I had lunch with a buddy at work last Friday, and she complained of being sore after her workout. I asked her what the workout was, and she said TRX.

Now, if you haven't heard of TRX, no big deal. I haven't heard about it either. Turns out, it's suspension training. Still puzzled? I was too.

So I took to the Internets to find an answer. And let me tell you, the company who holds the rights to the TRX brand knows how to market to me. The picture you see above is their default starting image for the series of three rotating banners.

If TRX means working out with men like this one, then sign me up!

I also watched some videos on the page and read a few paragraphs so I knew what it was about. But mainly, I ogled the guys.

So let me tell you how TRX goes.

You have two straps that get attached to something overhead, like a door, or a tree branch, or, if you are in a fitness club, a special suspension training frame.

At the end of each strap, there is a stirrup, and as you exercise, you can either hold on to the stirrups with your hands or stick your feet in them while supporting yourself with your hands or elbows.

At any given point in time, you will have some of your limbs on the ground and some in the straps, and you will use your body weight to work out.

So anyways, we went to that training together before lunch yesterday and in 30 minutes they wore me out something crazy! Today I am feeling the muscles a bit, but nothing tragic, should be good as rain for the Lotus autocross tomorrow.

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  1. It's a darn shame they photoshopped that guy's head onto my body.