It's coming together

Work has been busy lately. Good busy, and quite productive.

Last week was time for the quarterly metrics report, and most of the stuff that we care about either stayed stable or grew 5-10%. Like the number of posts, and the number of active community members.

We also saw a nice bit more traffic, so I think that my tweaks to the layout, usability and navigation are finally having an effect.

Two weeks after I joined, was the time for the Q1 report, which can be assumed to be virtually unaffected by me, allowing me to take it for the baseline to improve on.

Even though the daily race to get stuff done sometimes makes me forget the forest and see just a whole bunch of trees flying by at high speed, quarterly checkpoints afford a nice way to take a step back and evaluate what you've been doing, and adjust if needed.

Here's to a new quarter.

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