Living with the Robot: Apples and oranges

So I have been living the open source life since converting to the Android phone, and you know what, I am liking it so far.

Here's an example. I discovered that the contact info management (address and phone book) on the Android phone is nice: Today I was able to log into my Google account and do all the managing I wanted to do there, and instantly the changes propagated to the phone. I mean, instantly. It was there as soon as I unlocked the screen to check.

No synching required. Definitely a step up from Apple and iTunes.

Gmail contacts has the "find duplicates" function, which handily merged all the contacts that got accumulated in the different places. Very cool.

Oh, and I also have discovered what happens when you pour some water on the soft buttons of the Nexus One.

I get so bored brushing my teeth fifteen times a day, that I have taken to read Facebook or news on my phone when I do.

So today I was not very cautious and a nice big splash of water hit the bottom of the screen where the soft buttons are today. And guess what? The phone just recognized it as a touch.

Very uneventful.

The water ran off, and after I wiped the rest with a towel it was all fine.

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