How I got an eye pad

I must have gotten some dirt in my eye at the autocross on Saturday, because my right eye was bright red on Sunday morning. I could not wear contact lenses, and have made an appointment to see a doctor today.

I was not in any pain, just a mild discomfort and dryness, so I figured waiting for 24 hours to see the doc won't do much harm.

Sure enough, nothing is really wrong with me, and all the doc could see was a patch of irritated cornea around where the eye got reddest. He gave me some antibiotic ointment to treat the eye for 7 days and an eye pad shown in the picture and sent me home.

Wearing of the eye pad is optional.

The only inconvenient thing is that I can't go back to wearing contact lenses for a full week, as long as I am treating the eye, so I have to wear glasses. And I was very happy when I could ditch them six years ago, so the prospect of wearing them is not exactly thrilling.

The pair I am wearing today was made in August 2001, and is out of date. Style-wise as much as prescription-wise. These glasses are about 1.5 dioptries behind what my vision is these days, and that's sub-optimal for most things I do: Typing, driving, reading... Night driving is really hard. As in, do not attempt.

I have an optometrist appointment on Wednesday and should have my new glasses within an hour after they get my new prescription. After that, I should be able to deal with everyday tasks again. As long as needed to get the eye all healed up, so I can wear my contacts again.

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  1. Hilarious read. BTW, I had no idea about measuring units of eyes. This explains that you could still do some crazy driving with those glasses !!!!