I want pay-per-view F1 on hulu.com

I don't watch TV and haven't paid a cable bill in my life. The few TV shows that interest me, I watch on hulu.com and that is plenty for me.

The only unfulfilled wish I have is that either Hulu or some other online TV provider would begin offering pay-per-view (or season subscription) streaming Formula 1 coverage. It doesn't even have to be real-time. A day or two, even a week-long delay is fine by me. I would pay up to $10-15 to watch one full event: Saturday qualifying and the Sunday race. I just don't see myself paying upwards of $100 for a cable subscription with Speed channel add-on.


  1. I'd love if I could get streaming 24 hours of LeMans done live. I want to hold a viewing party.

  2. I could not agree MORE with you on this one. Now that I have a roommate who has to have cable it's more of a moot point, but I would LOVE to have an alternative to receive F1 coverage. I, too, would pay $20-30 per month to have access to an HD stream of qualifying and grand prix (practice sessions would be nice, too...). I wonder if it's Bernie's fault for restricting the licensing for Formula 1?

  3. Well, I have not seen many sports events selling streaming licenses, but I would believe many a vicious thing about Bernie E.