Cool pants

As many of you driving enthusiasts will know, fireproof clothing is required for racing. That includes a fire suit, as well as undergarments, such as long-sleeve turtlenecks and long-johns, balaclavas, and socks. You may also know that the weather during racing season gets pretty hot at times, and as a result, all your multiple layers of fireproof clothing get soaked in sweat.

There are different ways to deal with the heat. Some people choose forced air pumped into their helmet and passenger cabin, some have cooling shirts, where cold water is circulated through tubing attached to the shirt's front and back, others opt for lightweight suits and sweat, and then there's mentholated underwear.

When I was shopping for my racing gear, I opted for the mentholated shirt and underpants.

The other week, I was running with the NCRC in my first race, so I decided to try on the new garb. Turns out, the menthol works. Very well, actually. I hope it won't wash out after the first use.

So of course after the event it was time to wash the clothes. I had procured a bottle of special "technical fabric detergent" called Molecule that's supposed to help fight odor while you perspire in your suit for a whole weekend.

So I throw the suit into the washer, then the shirt and longjohns, my balaclavas and socks, and it still looks pretty lonely in there. I think "What the hell!" and throw a couple pairs of my black office pants in there too. It's going to be washed on gentle cycle, and if the Molecule detergent is good enough for Nomex, it'll be good enough for viscose, I figure.

So everything comes out of the washer smelling minty fresh. Including my pants. Which I have been wearing at the office today, and every time I move they would release a waft of mentholated freshness mixed with Molecule odor-fighting fragrance.

Really makes me want to hop in a car and drive stupid fast.