В. Высоцкий: Песня о двух красивых автомобилях

If you know me, you'll know that I am not into sappy romantic stuff at all. But there is one love song that gets me every time. Little wonder that it is about cars.

I always imagine the two cars as a gull-wing silver Mercedes and a sleek red Ferrari Daytona.

This song was written and performed by Vladimir Vysotsky, an actor and singer-songwriter who was active in the dark Soviet ages. Because his songs were frequently openly critical of the regime, he could not record in a state-run studio, and so all we're now left with are amateur tapes recorded at live performances, like this one.

Song about two beautiful cars

Without limits, leaving no tracks,
Burning tires on the asphalt
From the nightmare of the cities
Cars are tearing down the road:
Huge, tank-like
Fords, Lincolns, Selenes,
Elegant Mustangs,
Mercedes, Citroens

As if they know that this game's worth the risk
This will be like a blood revenge to the cities!
Faster, just don't foul the spark plugs,
Carburetor... and whatever they got there.

You can't see the pavement
For all the sedans
And among them like two bright spots
Two beautiful cars.
As if connected by a tow line
(There's the weakest link).
Throttles, intakes
Can't help here anymore.

As if they know that this game's worth the risk.
Just get out, they will make it all worthwhile.
Maybe he'll talk to her
With his horn, or whatever they got.

This mass of cars
Holds the grudge against you
Hey there, silver sedan,
Don't lose sight of her!
Look ahead, there's an interchange-
More risk and more faith!-
You will miss her! And you did--
You were late, silver.

They knew, this game was worth the risk,
Why bother honking at billboards now?
Maybe that's a weight off his chest,
Or his bonnet, or whatever they got.

This interchange was bad luck,
Separated, and now you aren't here.
Don't interchanges
Ever bring us closer together?
Look! This one does!
And switching to seventh
Silver sedan forgot to brake.

Is finding each other an idle dream?
Is it our blood revenge to the cities?
Wheels, axles scattering,
And hearts... or whatever they got.


Original Russian lyrics here.

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