Lazy Bones cabernet franc

I know it is a bad idea to buy a wine for its label. But with a label
that could have been drawn by my hero Aubrey Beardsley himself, did I really have a choice?

At $6.99, the price was not boding well for me, but I boldly stuck it in my Trader Joe's shopping cart, along with a wild mushroom and truffle flatbread, for dinner.

Upon arrival at home, I put the flatbread in the toaster oven and opened the wine. I have to say, it turned out to be a very, very decent table wine indeed. Kinda strong, but I like that sort of thing. Not too fancy, or balanced, or refined, or any of those things that you have to pay real money for, with a fairly light--dare I say watery?--finish, but hey, it's still quite drinkable.

All in all, a perfect wine to wash down some tasty dinner with, and finish the bottle on the couch watching Top Gear. Because I can't stand Clarkson sober, and the Stig looks even sexier with elevated BAC.


  1. That is a great label! And it reminds *me* of your drawings!

  2. I guess the author of the art on the label was just as inspired by Aubrey Beardsley as myself. :)

  3. Your observation about Clarkson is funny-- he strikes me as the kind of person who makes an entertaining TV host for 50 minutes, but would drive you absolutely nuts in real life.

  4. Yeah, he's entertaining alright, but if I had to spend any time with him in person, it'd end in blows! :)

  5. the label is felix valloton