Making more progress still

A few months ago, I bragged about making some progress on improving the community website that has been entrusted to my purview. If you think that was awesome, wait till you see how great it has become since!

To be fair, I was not the only one working on making it better, but it is mah baby, so true to tradition of shoving pictures of your progeny into everyone's face whether they like it or not, here it is!


Note that most, if not all, static marketing content has been banished from the landing page and replaced with dynamic feeds of things that can be of interest to a first-time visitor, as well as to a community veteran.

For the former, we have the tabs up top presenting the different aspects of our community: VMTN forums (don't ask, name will be fixed), Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, and YouTube. Then there are also the "did you know" links pointing to the FAQs and video demos of how to use the newly-upgraded page. Hard to miss, in the middle, is an a-la-carte type menu of all the things we invite you to do on our community site, with nifty graphics.

Now if you are no longer a bloody n00b, you can be interested in unanswered questions and the VMTN blog feed. Top member stats serve to encourage healthy competition to collect points earned by answering questions.

And of course navigation (a new addition!) is there for everyone, as well as the search.

I am particularly proud of the fact that the majority of content on this page is not static and that it helps drive the user's focus and get them to explore different aspects of our community. Also of note is how short this page is. If you are looking at it on a decent-size monitor, you will be able to see it all on one screen.

Now that there is a blog feed on the front page, I have begun posting on the VMTN blog, and I think I like it. It's a much better tool for communicating out things like moderator elections, site improvements, new features, events, etc. Before I had this channel, I tried using Twitter for that, but mostly just did nothing. Now I find that I also use Twitter more, because I can better separate what goes into which channel and communication flows nicer.

Anyways, that's it from the work front for now. Comments are open as always, if you want to pat me on the shoulder or make suggestions for what else can be done to improve the site.