Q2 radio: Modern classical music rocks

Not like I have been searching much, but today I have finally found a classical radio station that does not suck. Too bad that it doesn't have an iTunes podcast. Well, I will have to listen on my computer then.

Your run-of-the-mill classical radio stations usually play the equivalent of "oldies but goodies," and while there's nothing wrong with the good old stuff, there's only that much Mozart and Tchaikovsky that one needs in a year. Classic radio usually exceeds my annual maximum dose in one month.

It's like the time has stopped for them back in the early 20th century, while there are hundreds of people writing modern classical music like the awesome stuff I am listening to as I write this post.

I bet this is how Wagner and Tchaikovsky and Mozart sounded to their contemporaries back in their day: Fresh, innovative, and edgy.

But it seems that the old farts in charge of classic radio today can stand the new classical music as little as they could stand death metal. I can tell by the ads on the radio that i have about another 35 years before I become their target demographic. And even then, I hope I will not come to a mental stasis.

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