Red dress

I frequently take inspiration for my pieces from the materials I work with. This drawing was based on an old sketch I found in the stack of unused paper while looking for inspiration.

The paper seems to be some sort of a brown packing or wrapping paper which is smooth on one side and rough on the other. I used the rough side.

I have all sorts of interesting papers in that pile, from glossy photographic print paper to wallpaper swatches and polymer sheets.

The sketch had just the skyline and some Chrysler Tower detail, and the figures have asked to be put in front of the cityscape.

Most of this drawing is done in waterproof black ink. Some was done with brushes, and some with dip pen. The sky is painted with a transparent sepia ink. The rough paper would absorb the ink unevenly, making for the funky stripey effect. I used dry ink stick for the red dress. Don't get to use my ink stones often, so this was cool.

The scanner got the colors all wrong BTW, but I like the effect, so I left it as-is. Anyways, I think I will begin blogging my art more from now on. It's much less hassle than maintaining the static web site.

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