The reading redhead

Black india ink and russet Higgins ink on paper, glossy magazine collage.

This picture is from January last year. I had just returned from my trip to the East coast and had some quiet time to draw.

As with most of my art, I start with a generic penciled sketch which gets erased once the drawing is inked. I used pictures from German magazine Neon to create the background, and to define the couch with in the negative space.

High quality giclée prints are available. 8x10" $30; 4x5" $17 - plus shipping. Other sizes can be priced upon request.


  1. I like it. Your art appears to contradict who I think you are...or perhaps my interpretation of the drawing and/or you is skewed.

  2. The art says more about who you are than the artist. I don't really spend much time thinking about the meaning of it, and would have a hard time saying anything in particular about the piece beside what's already there. Glad you like it though :)