That skinny pedal on the right...

The new racing season has started, and I have one event under my belt already. Time flies when you're having fun. Those long long three months between the seasons are now a thing of the past, but back in January it felt like forever until the first track day.

I got even worried that I'd forgotten how to drive in that time! Imagine this: I even had a variation on this recurring nightmare where I arrive at a track event, and can't find my car. Everyone has theirs, and even my buddy who's come with me has found a ride, but I don't have a car, and I watch them drive off without me.

Yeah, I had track withdrawal alright.

Come think of it, I haven't exactly wasted my time between seasons, either. I made some new friends, and joined their "racing stall" of cars that all get towed to the track together. We share a garage and luxurious work space, with hydraulic lifts, engine hoists, and power tools. Okay, the tools are not exactly shared, but I can borrow them, as long as I clean them and put them back. Also, the garage is now a mere hour's drive away (in good traffic), instead of three, when the car was at Thunderhill, so I am much more likely to actually work on my car and not have to pay for every little thing that needed to be done.

The group goes to all NASA events, so I don't need to worry about transporting my car there. Of course there are other clubs' events, and I will have to figure out a way to go to those.

And then suddenly it was time to pack for the weekend at Infineon, and I got all my gear together, and went over my checklist several times, and of course I forgot a few things, but that is all beside the point. I was at the track, and ultimately, that's all that mattered.

With the first milestone of becoming an instructor behind me, I can now concentrate on becoming a better driver and getting my rookie license. Learn from all the good drivers I can find, and drive, drive, drive.

Made an appointment for the race license physical for next Friday, hope to be able to get a check ride scheduled at the next event. So much excitement, whee!

The plan is to get the rookie license ASAP, so that I can run in races if I want to. However, I have made the commitment to instruct full weekends for the next four events. Since you can't race and instruct, I want to first get this instructing gig figured out, then start splitting my time between racing and instructing/Time Trialing. There's also hope that once I have instructed at enough NASA events, other clubs will allow me to instruct, which is an additional incentive to stick with instructing for a while.

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  1. That's a great pic of your Miata. The rain adds lots of interest, as does the obvious loading.