What's with the duck face?

I know it's not yet widely considered tasteless or sexist to accessorize your car with a semi-naked (or naked) woman, but that does not stop me from wincing every time I see that done. Particularly when women participate all too eagerly and duck face is involved.

So I am sitting in grid to do a lead-follow with my student and observe the following: A small group of people are wandering down the grid, and I can tell by their attire (shorts and short skirts paired with flip-flops) that they are neither grid officials nor drivers. They stop next to a Ferrari 450 Scuderia that's lined up next to me and the lady of the group (if I shall call her that) gets into a classic car calendar pose next to the car. Complete with the duck face. First alone, then with one of the dudes, while the other takes pictures with his phone.

All of this perplexes me to no end, beginning with the willingness of the woman to objectify herself and put herself and her body on the same level as a prized possession, such as the supercar she's posing next to.

Thankfully after snapping a few pictures, they moved on and shortly after we were let out on track and I forgot all about it, right up until now.