Stardom, here I come!

My GoPro Hero HD has arrived. Full eighteen days after I ordered it from an online vendor, but it has arrived.

I have to say, the packaging on this sucker was by far the most bizarre and hard to tackle I have encountered in years. There were two separate boxes, the clear plastic case and the cardboard box, which were partially encased in another cardboard wrapper, and taped to it and each other with at least a yard of cheap scotch tape which left sticky residue on everything.

Once I finally got my hands on the contents of the boxes, I was left with the camera, one curved adhesive mount, which will go unused, since I have a camera mount in my car, and three cables: USB, component, and composite. Like I don't have enough of the component and composite cables already.

It seems every single electronics manufacturer's dream is to stick the customer with at least one, and sometimes two, useless cable sets. I am still not entirely clear on why GoPro decided I needed these two. I'd rather preferred they skipped those and put a tripod mount in the package instead. Oh well.

Then there were FOUR instruction booklets. Four identical booklets, shall I add. Warranty and accessories booklets did not come in multiples.

Then under well-deserved ridicule from J. I braved the setup menu. Considering that the camera only has two buttons, the menu options were plentiful and sometimes puzzling, but I conquered them all, and now my camera is ready for some track action.

I made a solemn pledge not to be that person who posts hours or unremarkable and largely unedited video on YouTube, so I had to also figure out a way to cut my movies.

Thankfully iMovie, which came on the laptop from the factory, is easy enough to use, and I managed to create a little project, cut pieces from several files together, and save it all.

I don't think there is much entertainment in seeing me pan around my living room in poor lighting, so you'll have to wait until I have an actual video to share.

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  1. Take us to work! Put your co-workers in the spotlight. Or not.