2007 Nerelo del Bastardo

The 2007 Nerello del Bastardo is modestly labeled as vino da tavola, a table wine, but the back label is making some rather interesting claims.

Nerelo Del Bastardo was invented purely by chance. When winemakers in Italy wish to make certain "big" wines, that we are not permitted to mention here under Italian law, the laws governing these wines only allow certain amounts of wine after aging (minimum 3 years) to have a limited number of government-issued neck labels. When these run out, the excess may only be sold as table wine, even though the juice is the same.

All this circumlocutious copy is really trying to imply is that what is inside is a Barolo or a Barbaresco.

Indeed, it is a big and bold wine, but as I am slowly finding out, I am generally not a fan of Italian wines. So while it certainly was all the things that I would have expected from an Italian wine, it was a touch too tannic and even after prolonged aeration I did not feel like it ever developed a truly balanced bouquet.

I just found a raving review of this wine (2002 vintage) on the intarwebs, so if you happen to like Italian wines, you may enjoy this one quite a bit. I will probably not buy this wine soon again. Although, a different vintage may turn out better.

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  1. Dear Stateless: Thanks for the link. it took me back to a post that I had not read in years. I mus have had more stamina in 2009.


    Fredric Koeppel