Cat, you wouldn't have it any other way...

Promptly upon my return from Thunderhill I was hit by a ton of bricks in the form of a head cold. In fact, I was so tired the night I got home, I did not put the cover on the car. I proceeded to stay sick in bed for the majority of the following four days, and when I came out in the morning to drive to work today, my car's convertible top was again covered in cat hair.


Okay cat, I wanted this to be resolved in a friendly fashion, but you wouldn't have it any other way. Chemical warfare it is.

On the way from work today I stopped at a pet store and bought a large bottle of "Keep off!" dog and cat repellent.

I took a picture of my purchase on the roof of my car, with about half of the hair that was there in the morning. The other half blew off on the way.

Dang, I hope this stuff works, or I will have to start coming up with "home remedies," and I am not sure how far this should be escalated.

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