I like this trend :)

I will not claim I know why my page views are climbing, but I like this trend.

Just to put it in perspective, the online community I run for VMware gets more page views in one hour than I have counted since the statistics have been enabled. But then again, it's not like I am trying to make money off of this.

I have been showing some Google AdSense ads on the pages and in the RSS feeds (sorry if they annoy you) and have earned all of $8.88 in the two years I had that running. I think I will take down the RSS ads, and possibly the others as well.

Turns out, AdSense does not pay out your earnings until you trip $100, and that means that at the same rate, I have another five years until I see any money out of this, and potentially annoy both of you, my loyal readers.

Which also makes me think, that there must be untold millions sitting on the AdSense books that Google can't even recognize as revenue, and which all of us small-fry bloggers will never be able to get our hands on. Not like the eight bucks will break the bank here, but this just appears like a sub-optimal arrangement.

Art.com, on whose daughter site ArtistRising.com I have set up an account to sell prints also has a minimum amount to trigger a payment, but at the end of fiscal year they still cut you a check. So at least they balance the books once a year.

My princely revenue from that undertaking was all of $3.00 but I see no reason why they should have kept it. Neither should Google AdSense.

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