Striping Wasabi

Now that I finally broke down and named my race car Wasabi, I thought I should do something about that dark burgundy stripe, which I never was too fond of. In photos, as well as from any distance, the stripe appears black, but in certain lighting it gets an almost purple look.

Long story short, I have procured some 6" wasabi-green vinyl stripes and some 1" black stripes for edging, and will be applying them to the car soon. My hope is the weekend of July 10th, when I'll be also hanging around the garage for some general maintenance on the car, such as a water pump and timing belt replacement.

Not sure what to do about the contingency stickers, hopefully white will be visible enough on the green-black striping. Bought both black and white from Mazdaspeed just to be sure.

In the meantime, here's a very rough, out-of-scale, mock-up of what the stripes will look like once we're done. I think it's going to look mean and super-fast!

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