Racing-Numbers.com -- my new venture

Racing-numbers.com sponsors my race car Wasabi
Many of you know, but some probably haven't heard about it yet. Last weekend, at a NASA race day, I have launched my new online business called Racing-Numbers.com.

While looking to refresh the looks of my car, I discovered that vinyl can be very expensive, but also very cheap, depending on who you go to. I was lucky to find a supplier who could help me get the numbers, letters, and stripes at a price I could not believe.

So I told him: "Dude, you should sell these to racers, that's so cheap!"
And he said: "Dude, YOU should sell these to racers."

I thought about it for 30 seconds and said Yes.

It took me about a month and a half to figure out the best online storefront provider and to set up the first minimal inventory of products, with examples of each number and letter in all the different colors.

I had to abandon a half-done storefront I was building on an Amazon cloud platform, because there was no way to add comments to the product before or after checkout. That was important so my customers could tell me what exact numbers and class letters they want, such as "23" or "STU" and such.

My next move was to build a store with Volusion, and that was really awesome. Should have gone there from get-go. Everything was easy, and I quickly caught up, and was ready for the launch at Thunderhill.

The reception from my fellow drivers at the track was awesome! People were very supportive and also quite pleased with my prices. Yay!

Racing-numbers.com sponsors my race car Wasabi
I had a box of 500 business cards--fresh off the press--with me and gave away at least 100. Also, I added a spiff new window shade and a decal to the windshield, and another decal on the rear bumper. It was really cool to see physical manifestations of my online business in real-life.

So last night, an order came in from a friend, and this morning, I woke up to an order from someone I don't ever remember meeting. From Massachusetts. Yay again!

I ran a few searches, and it turns out that I make the top 5 results for "racing class letters," and I haven't even done much SEO yet, beyond setting up of the products with clear and consistent descriptions.

All in all, I am super-excited, and am very motivated to add more products as well as get my toes wet with paid online searches to drive some more sales.

Wish me luck!