Netflix in a tailspin? Maybe not.

So I read the blog post by Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO, Netflix the other night, and this morning, I also received it in my email, as their customer. I did not comment on the blog, but seeing that they took the special care to copy and paste the message into a CRM and push the "send" button, I responded to the email.

Here is what I wrote:

While I appreciate the open communication, and haven't used physical disk rentals in over a year, I fail to see how disintegrating your service is going to help in this situation.

The video game rental addition is definitely a step in the right direction.

Physical media rentals are probably going the way of the dinosaurs in the long term, so I personally don't feel strongly about this issue at all, however, it is puzzling to see your move to separate the two services entirely. What about upsell opportunities when a title is not available for streaming? Instead of disintegrating, you may use the integrated services to offer one-off rentals.

"The item you requested is not available to play on your computer right now. Rent it on DVD for $2."

Anyways, I figure nobody reads the mail at this account anyway.


  1. And sure enough, I got a bounce in response to my email. When sending out such a major announcement personally to my customers, I would have made an effort to have at least a temporary alias to collect the responses. This just pisses me off, and I don't even give a damn about the DVD rentals!

  2. Meanwhile, Netflix is LOSING online content after raising prices. I use Netflix 2-3 hours a week.I wonder if the re-purposed Blockbuster service will be a contender.