So what's the fuss all about? 2014 C7 Corvette as fat and ugly as ever

UPDATE 2013-01-17: 2014 Corvette is still ugly.

Just looked at the pictures of the 2014 C7 that the Jalopnik author swears up and down are legit. So legit that someone is getting fired over the leak. And while I understand how management may not like the leak, and someone has to be made responsible, what I don't understand is what the fuss is all about.

The car appears to be more or less a C6 with a few style tweaks. The subtlety of Camaro-style taillights and more glass aft of the driver is lost on me. If nobody told me this was a future model rendering, I would have just happily believed this was a current production car.


I have made a solemn pledge to buy a Corvette if they ever made a sleek stingray-bodied one again. Some Chevy product managers at a track day hinted that that was a possibility, but I guess my Bubba ze Beemer is not in any danger of being traded in any time soon.

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