Лучше меньше, да лучше

It's a good time to be me and have my job.

Earlier today, I had a good conversation with my boss, and he liked my ideas, and said he would fund them within reason. I can't share them publicly just yet, because a lot of it is still in the exploration stage and may shape up to be very different from what I think now. But if it all goes well, I may well do something truly cool in the area of corporate communities of use.

In (un)related news I had an interesting moment today where I told a coworker that I may walk away from supporting their event, because I felt that the result was going to be decidedly "not awesome."

While I can upload the videos, we may want to seriously revise the social media plan for this event. Contrary to my suggestions, nothing has happened on the blog and Facebook front. Having me there without the org and marketing buy-in really may not bring the results we hope for. If we don't build up going into [eventX], the effect of all the social media activity in the world will be diminished if all we do is shout our messages out from there, and promptly fall asleep again. Social media engagement is a commitment, and if the org is not ready, I agree, my participation may not be necessary.

This actually felt very good. I think I will do more of that. Walk away from not awesome, focus on fewer awesome things.

Sadly, I am afraid my message did not make my coworker feel as empowered as it did me, because it's been several hours, and there still was no response, where it usually takes 30 seconds.

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