Practicing what I preach

You see me talk a lot about safety. But if you saw my car a few weeks ago you'd be right to ask why haven't I done more to keep myself safe?

No, I was not racing in a garden chair taped to the floor boards, but to be honest, there was a lot left to be desired in the safety area.

Not any longer.

As of today, my car is proudly sporting a Sparco Circuit composite seat and a strong TC Design roll cage.

 NOTE: Pictured is another TC Design customer's car, because I did not have the presence of mind to take a picture when I was there for seat fitting at 7:30 am this morning
The seat has nice and deep hip, rib, and shoulder protection, and comfy halos that I can lean the head on in high-G turns, and which will also protect my head in an impact.

My harness had just aged out, so I got myself a nice HANS-compatible Schroth Profi II, which will be basically just like the one that I had before, only with narrower shoulder belts to accommodate the HANS.

While we were in there, I asked Tony at TC Design to also update my rear view mirror from Wink to a panoramic Longacre one, and remove the passenger seat and harness.

That's right, no more passengers in Wasabi. While I am a bit sad about not being able to give rides to friends anymore, this step also is an important symbolic milestone on my way to becoming primarily a racer, and not a TT or HPDE driver.

As I have been progressing on my journey back to racing, I knew that I would need a better seat and cage before I compete in a wheel-to-wheel event again. Now that I have reached my lap time goals to make racing fun again, it is not unlike a snake's shedding of an old, smaller, and tighter skin. I have to shed the old constraints so I can grow further.

I will be putting my new skill level to the test this Saturday at Thunderhill. Wish me luck.