Comrade Manager

Apparently, I am writing a book now. About community management.

I started writing it as a blog, and every entry will eventually become a chapter. All of it focuses on different aspects of running a community of use for an organization, from starting the forums and recruiting moderators to more fundamental areas such as why community management isn't.

Here's what's already published:

  • If you love them, set them free
  • The Importance of Reputation in Online Communities
  • Moderation, in spades
  • Starting from scratch
  • Why community management isn’t
  • Orgcharts are stupid
  • New: Well-forgotten (and renamed) old
  • Community is not about you

  • I have about another fifteen or so chapters outlined, and when they've all been written, I will take the whole thing, and edit it together into a nice little e-book.

    If you care to take a gander at it, it's at comrademanager.com. It's been slow going, with just two posts each month, but I figure, it will be done when it's done.

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