The house

Let's start with an excuse, because I got a great one: I abandoned you all, O my faithful readers, because I bought a house together with my boyfriend J.

It was a short sale, meaning that nothing was short about it. We found it back in February, made an offer in March, and it took until August to actually purchase it.

To continue with the theme of shortness or lack thereof, we still have not moved into it, because the house is being thoroughly remodeled as we speak.

When we got it, there were a few certainties. One, it was most definitely a house. And two, it needed love. Lots of love. At this point in time, I think the only room untouched by the remodel is the little downstairs bathroom. And even it needs a new toilet.


When I am able to take a step back from this mega-project, this is shaping up to be awesome. The hose is located in Los Gatos mountains. Mere 20 minutes from Santa Cruz, and about 35 minutes from Mountain View, but when you're there, it feels like you are days away from civilization.

All you can see from there is mountains and trees.

At night, it gets truly dark. The kind of dark that a city kid (me) has not encountered before. When the moon shines, things cast shadows in the moonlight. Like you'd know from a game or a movie. Only in real life.

And the moon is HUGE.

There is also wildlife in great numbers. We had a brief encounter with a wrenn who flew into the house and knocked himself out on a window glass. I picked him up carefully with a towel and brought him out onto the deck, where he sat, still groggy from the impact, until recovered enough to fly away.

We saw deer, quails (?), coyotes, and all sorts of other birds we could not identify. There are also supposed to be mountain lions in the area, but so far there were no sightings of them. Maybe it's for the best.


  1. I am so pleased that you have found a home that makes you happy. May you have lots of moonlight and (outdoor) wrens and few mountain lions or concerns of that ilk.