More blogging, less preaching

I use social media for a living. And most days, also as a hobby. But there are more and more days on which I don't really want to touch social media after my day at work. Not because I am all socialed-out, but because a growing number of the folks I am connected with use social media to shove their political agenda down everyone else's throats.

Day after day, all I hear is: "See? Told you so! My way is the right way!"

I had screen shots of some of the examples of such posts that I saw today, but I decided not to use them to respect people's privacy, and not to single out some of my acquaintances and friends when most everyone I know engages in this behaviour.

What bothers me is that I don't see dialogue, I don't see even an attempt at reconciliation, or even empathy.

It does not matter whether I agree or disagree with the statement. I am tired of the social media campaigning and the dramatic language that's evoking the extreme emotions of fear, hate, and disgust.

I have quit Facebook in August. I only maintain an account there so I can manage my company's presence.

I only use Twitter professionally, and to share links to my blog posts.

As of right now, I am also on the verge of quitting Plus.

Yes, I know the world won't notice, and the social-sphere won't even bat an eyelash, much less miss me. This is not meant as a "cry for help."

But this is my blog, and a place I like to share my thoughts, and this is what I am doing.

When I first scaled up my personal use of social media in 2009, the blog saw fewer updates, as I created most of my new content elsewhere. I think it's time to go back to my roots, and reverse that trend.

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