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1:34 PM

to Sam

Dear Sam C,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact me, but the thing is, you did not take the time, so the thanks are sadly not in order.

I will however take the time to personally respond to you, because I hope to make it one of those "teachable moments."

My current role is Community Director at Nebula. My previous role was called "Community Manager" at VMware. I have not held a contracting position in my entire career, and have not really had anything to do with business analysis or operations.

Wherever you found my resume, it is clear to me you have just run a search for "Eloqua" or some such, and blasted an email to every single person the search returned without spending as little as 30 seconds to make sure the position you advertise would be even remotely suitable.

30 seconds is a generous time allowance to determine how a senior marketing professional with 15+ years of experience would react to a pitch of a 8-month entry-level contract requiring relocation, but you obviously seem to be lacking in the reading comprehension department, so I am not going to be too strict.

You've got the "swift" part of Intelliswift covered, but not the "intelligence." If you want to ever reach out to me in the future, feel free to do so, once you learn to represent both components of your company's promise.

Most respectfully yours,
Alex Maier

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 9:16 AM, Sam C <sam@intelliswift.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Sam  and I'm a recruiter at Intelliswift, a global staffing and
> IT consulting company. We are constantly on the lookout for professionals to
> fulfill the staffing needs of our clients and we currently have a job
> opening that may interest you. Below is a summary of the position.
> Job # : 2199802
> Job Title : Business Analyst
> Job Location : , Plano, TX
> Duration : 8 Month
> Job Description :
> This position resides within the Enterprise Operations department  and is
> responsible for the Eloqua marketing automation system. This position will
> be responsible for creating and maintaining documentation of all standards
> and processes used within the Eloqua system and its integration points
> Responsibilities:
> •Will be required to document the “as-is” processes in Eloqua
> •Document field level rules and validations within Eloqua
> •Create and maintain a ‘data definitions dictionary’ for critical fields and
> attributes within Eloqua
> •Maintain documentation of Eloqua data flow processes; user documentation;
> and training materials
> •Implement standardization of usage and data entry
> •Optimize data hygiene through proactive monitoring of automated programs
> and system usage
> •Perform admin tasks; adding/deleting/changing fields; editing Programs;
> adding/deleting users; etc.
> •Will be required to work with Eloqua admins to perform root cause analysis
> •Work with business users and 3rd party Eloqua agencies to understand the
> business application of Eloqua
> •Ability to translate high-level business and user requirements and
> functional requirements
> •Write UAT test cases and perform UAT
> •Work with Eloqua admin team to understand roadmap, enhancements, updates
> If you believe you're qualified for this position and are currently in the
> job market or interested in making a change, please give me a call as soon
> as possible at 510-870-3518.
> Note: Please allow me to reiterate that I chose to contact you either
> because your resume had been posted to one of the internet job sites to
> which we subscribe, or you had previously submitted your resume to an
> opening with Intelliswift’s client. I assumed that you are either looking
> for a new employment opportunity, or you are interested in investigating the
> current job market.
> If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would prefer I
> contact you at some later date, please indicate your date of availability so
> that I may honor your request. In any event, I respectfully recommend you
> continue to avail yourself to the employment options and job market
> information we provide with our e-mail notices.
> Thanks,
> Sam
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