2014 Corvette is still ugly

Seeing how my old post about the 2014 Corvette being ugly is bubbling up in the traffic stats, I thought I should revisit the topic and reiterate that yes, indeed, I still believe that the newly-released C7 is unsightly.

Don't believe me? Have a look:

This is not a body of a car worthy of the name Stingray. This is just another middle-aged wannabe sportster. Like a retired bodybuilder, it's got muscle, but the sex appeal is gone.

I have allowed my hope to see a sleek futuristic take on the classic to rear its pretty little head, but lo! My hope was dashed as I feared it would be.

Don't believe me? Have a look at this:

This is the concept car that made its debut in the Transformers movie, and inspired me and thousands of others, giving us hope that we may have a new car to admire and lust after. What a difference to the tame diluted mishmash of a car that was unveiled this week!

While we all know that dashing concept cars rarely make it to production unchanged, I have to always wonder--why not? Why try to appeal to the lowest common denominator? Why not make a bold statement? Why so afraid?

If Chevrolet is afraid that its market of balding midlife-crazed men would reject a car that oozes style, power, and self-confidence, then it betrays that it thinks poorly of its customers. Further, it will not gain any new ones, failing to inspire and capture the aspirations of young kids like the wide-eyed kids that are still alive inside the middle-aged men, who want to own the car of their childhood dreams.

It certainly does nothing to ignite my passion, and I really wanted to fall in love with the C7.

Silly me.


  1. Considering the hue and cry when they tried to make a mid-engine Corvette; the safe road is the way to go for them, which is a terrible shame.

  2. I think I can understand why a move to mid-engine design would get an outraged response. As far as I know, all iconic American Iron cars are front-engine, rear-drive, and changing that would seem like denying your roots. Honestly, the statistics on the C7 aren't bad at all, I would buy this car in a heartbeat if it looked more like what Corvette used to stand for: brash, bold, and striking.

  3. Why only middle aged men? I've seen lots of middle aged women driving around in their corvettes.

    Full disclaimer, I'm 45 and I recently bought a vette. I went out to by a Mercedes SLK and came home in a vette. Had nothing to do with marketing or mid-life crisis. I bought it because it had a V8 up front, a transmission in the rear and was the right price.

    The C7 is uninspired and quite frankly, boring. I wouldn't buy it new. I might pick it up in a few years when the prices are settled not because it's daring or dashing or lust-factor, but because it remains a front-mounted V8 with a rear-mounted tranny and no mention of HYBRID on it.

  4. This article on MSN says that less than 13% of Corvette buyers are women. While I am one myself, and know women can appreciate a sports car, I also know the company will try to meet their main demographic's taste first.

    MSN editorial: He drives, she drives

    Edited, now with the proper link.