More recruiter spam

This one arrived through LinkedIn inMail. One would think the recruiters would take more care researching their candidates when they have a limited monthly quota. [Previous spam]
From: Alex 8:52 AM (29 minutes ago)
to: Greg
Thank you for your message.

I see that you've found me on LinkedIn. How funny you should write to me about a contract just now, when I have posted on LinkedIn that I started a new full-time job at Google.

Since I find it hard to believe that you would miss this very important detail, I wonder about reasons that made you believe this opportunity would be compelling enough to quit my new job at what is considered one of the top companies in Silicon Valley and take a contract at Wells Fargo.

I will await your response with bated breath.
Cordially yours,

On Aug 9, 2013 6:45 PM, "Greg Shelley" wrote:
Good Evening,
I have the following position available with Wells Fargo in San Francisco and wanted to see if you or someone you know might be interested. If so, please let me know and we can discuss further.

Community Manager
Long-Term W-2 Contract w/ Benefits
Front-End Development Center of Excellence
San Francisco, CA


[Redacted -- not sure his client would appreciate seeing the details of this internal project in public. Were I a more vindictive person, I would have kept them in.]

The Information Architect for the CoE is in need of a strong Community Manager to run the CoE as his direct report.


  • Experience serving as a Community Manager for a site similar in size and scope
  • Comfort level navigating a highly complex organization and working under very aggressive deadlines
  • Ideal candidate comes from technical (FED/UI/UX) background and is well-versed in moderating and maintaining content from a curatorial standpoint
  • Must know Confluence 


  • Moderate and maintain CoE content 
  • Work closely with FED Framework team SME’s and gurus as well as third party consulting firm
  • Work to keep site engaging, establish SLA’s, contribute to gamification of the CoE to encourage participation
  • Make sure questions are being answered and content is being updated
  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Site administration

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