Oh, right. That new job thing.

Right. That job thing. You know, the one that pays money so I can go racing and do other silly stuff like pay the mortgage. Yeah, that thing. I haz one nao.

In case you wondered, it hasn't always been the case this year.

Nebula and yours truly parted ways in May, and I have applied with a handful of cool companies. Then I had a few busy weeks doing job interviews, on the phone and in person. Not all of them resulted in job offers, but that's how life is. In the end I got a really good one, one that I can feel good about accepting, and that's all that matters.

On the 5th of August, I have joined Google in a Developer Relations (DevRel) role in the Cloud Platform group.

In the intervening weeks, I have also gone on a 2-week cross country road trip (saw Mt Rushmore and drove on the Bonneville Salt Flats!), had my Mom visit from Germany (we went to LA and Vegas, among other things), and have been dealing with household stuff that I just don't have time for when I work (contractors mostly).

The first week has been like going back to school full time, what with all the training classes they signed me up for. I am learning tons about my new employer company! This week, I will even make an attempt at productivity. Whee!

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