Apropos of nothing

I remember the times when reinstalling your OS used to be something you did with frightening regularity, and spent following days restoring your work environment. Back then, if you had any non-standard settings, such as mouse acceleration or taskbar location, you would have to go in, menu by menu, and restore them by hand. I don't remember being particularly upset about that. Sure, whatever nonsense led to the necessity of a reinstall was rightfully cursed, but you'd stoically go through all the steps, and even enjoy trying out new settings a bit, as one does, before returning to what has always worked for you.

These days, I catch myself being annoyed as much, or more by a browser upgrade, which makes me reopen my incognito tabs, and log into all the services, one by one.

Baselines change, the level of annoyance stays the same. What does this say about the human condition?

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