Blam! Pow! (Okay, more like "Pop!")

A few months ago, my friends introduced me to the wonderful world of target practice. Oh boy, did I like that!

You mean, I can learn and hone a complex manual and mental skill, make a bunch of noise, put holes in things down range, and look cool doing that? Sign. Me. Up.

I need a new expensive hobby like an extra hole in my head, so I've been pacing myself so far, and only got an air gun that shoots tiny pellets. It's good enough to shoot paper targets, but not much beyond that. So: safe with a beginner like me. And legal to practice in the back yard. Which is a Good ThingTM.

Plus, it's quiet. So: no annoyed (or freaked out) neighbors, and no visits from the Santa Cruz' finest. It is waaaay quieter than a bottle of Champagne being opened. And then you have to pump the air into it all over again. For each shot. So free strength training built in.

Oh, and it's orders of magnitude cheaper to shoot than any firearm. Which is a Very Good ThingTM.

I've been spending an occasional afternoon practicing in the back yard, and got somewhat better at it, as one does, sticking paper targets on old Amazon boxes, and subsequently riddling them with holes. The best I've done is hit bullseye from about 15 meters. Double the distance, and I can hit the 20 cm paper circle half the time. Probably in part due to the air gun not having a lot of power, but mostly because of how well I shoot.

Anyways, that is that, there's no other point to this post, just that I'm learning to hit small things with much smaller things from a medium distance. Also, Yippy ka yay, etc.

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