Stateful immigrant

The wait is over. After nearly seven suspenseful years, yours truly is a permanent resident of the United States.

No, don't run to your bookmarks to change the URL to statefulimmigrant.com -- as a matter of fact I have just gotten around to registering www.statelessimmigrant.com, full six years after starting this here blog. The RSS feed still works, as far as I can tell. Is anyone still using RSS since Reader's demise? I'm still not over it. And I despise Feedly. I use it, but any company that picks a baby-talk name makes me want to scratch my eyes out more than use their product.

They did a good job migrating from Reader, and I am almost used to the new UI, but the name, that just keeps grating on my nerves.

Guess I should have called this post "apropos of nothing," seeing how much rambling there is in here, and not the previous one.

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