Working walkstation

I've meant to try using a walking workstation ever since they first got hip a couple of years ago. The standing setup works for me both at home and at work, so hey, this must be even better, right?

They are crazy-expensive though, so I never got around to buying one, and didn't work in an office that had these before. But at my new job, we have one of these in our building, and today after lunch I figured I'd get a few hundred steps in while catching up on email lists.

It was easy enough to adjust to, and I could still type walking up to 2 miles per hour. I tried going up to 3 mph, but that made reading uncomfortable, so I slowed back down to 2 mph.

After an hour, I have walked about two miles and was ready to return to my stationary desk. And that's when I realized that I totally confused my vestibular apparatus. To the point when I got insta-nausea from stepping back on terra firma.

Holding myself to the wall, I got to the nearest easy chair, where I still remain, forty minutes later, waiting for the world to stop swaying around me.

I get the same severity of motion sickness from reading while riding in a car, so in retrospect I should have expected this result. I mean, you're basically bobbing up and down and side-to-side the whole time, but your visual frame of reference (the screen and the desk) remain stationary.

As my nausea is ebbing, I can say through unclenched teeth "Welp, at least that took the doubt out of my mind whether I want one of those fancy-schmancy treadmill desks for myself."

Have you tried one? What's been your experience?

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