Enter Iron Man

This past Saturday, I went and did it. I put down a deposit for a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. A convertible of course, why do you ask? Here is a screen shot from their car configuration app online. Looks just like Iron Man, doesn't it?

Because all the cars in the lot were looking like cars, and not like Iron Man, I ordered mine custom. That means it will be here in a few months, probably in March.

The plan is to lease it, and pay for the lease with the money I will save on gas going to and from work every week. Given that we have charging stations at work, it's going to be fairly cheap to operate.

So why this?

I test-drove a Fiat 500e, and a gasoline-powered Toyota Yaris, and of these three the Smart was the only tiny car that felt like an actual car to use. The door closes with a nice heavy "thunk" and the steering feels just heavy enough. The Smart uses it rear wheels to propel itself down the road, and that definitely helps with handling and steering wheel feedback.

Its turning radius is small enough that I could do a U-turn in the middle of the street in a residential neighborhood, with room to spare.

Also, all the other small cars didn't come with "no roof" option. Feh!

Anyways, who can resist the charm of Tony Stark?

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