Look ahead. Cook ahead.

One thing about being a member of two CSAs is, that no matter what your consumption, the food just keeps coming. And if you get behind, you'll be very soon swimming in perfectly healthy, organic, uncooked food that you have no idea what to do with. And then you give it all away to people who know what to do with food, unlike yourself.

Having gone through a few of these cycles, J. and I have wised up. Now we take an evening on the weekend to turn all the fresh veggies we have in the fridge into side dishes we can reheat throughout the week. The major bonuses of that being that (1) we/I don't have to spend much time during the week preparing dinner; (2) we achieve economies of scale in food prep and cleanup; (3) we don't spoil nearly any food anymore.

Recently I have been taking inspiration from the Googley cafeteria and roasting all sorts of veggies together, like...

  • Beets, carrots, and kale
  • Cauliflower, apples, and leeks
  • Radishes, carrots, and kale
Over the holidays, I've also cooked two birds, a chicken and a duck, and after all the easily accessible meat has been carved and consumed, I did two batches of home-made bone stock. That turned out to be an awesome thing. How come nobody told me about that? You get the awesome stock that you can use to cook things with, and then you can also pick off the remaining scraps of meat from the bones and use that in salads, or as a noodle soup topping.

Soba noodles in duck broth with duck meat topping, sprinkled with toasted nori and sesame seed, and just a little bit of salt made a great "leftover" lunch.

We're in the middle of a four-week delivery break from our vegetable CSA, and I am happy to report that as the first delivery of the new season nears, we'll be done eating all the vegetables we've received before the break. That's a good feeling.

Historically I've had some trouble utilizing all kinds of lettuces. I mean, I can toss a handful of arugula into a squash and quinoa dish, or use some romaine in a salad once a week, but when you have three bags of leafy goodness, and two or three heads of different lettuces in a single box, that's just beyond me. I have always despised eating raw leaves, no two ways about it.

This is why I'm looking forward to the next delivery. Our CSA now has a "custom order" option where for an additional five dollars processing fee you can pick what goes into your weekly box. This will hopefully mean less spoiled veggies, since we'll only be getting things we eat. Whee.

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