2013 year in review (photos)

Because there aren't enough year-end review blog posts out there, here, have mine. This year I decided to do it in pictures. Because I have tons of pictures from last year. Not significantly more than any other year (and maybe fewer than some other years), but they are many, and they've asked me to share them with the world.

1. We've lived in the new house for a full year now, and are slowly hacking the life in the mountains. If you look carefully, you will see a teeny-tiny man in the Douglas Fir on the right. The man is actually normally-sized, the fir is just really really big. We had a few trees trimmed, for fire clearance, to keep critters from climbing into the attic, and such.

2. Tasted a lot of wine, and drank some really good bottles. Didn't do any sub-10-bucks wine reviews on my blog, even though I drank plenty of that kind. The photo is from a wine tasting class at Cinnabar winery, who make some really nice reds. Do yourself a favour and try their Malbec.

3. Drove on track. Didn't race any, but did some time trials, and some open track days. My car's been mostly holding up, only needing a new alternator.

4. Instructed beginning drivers with several clubs, and got this nifty recognition from NASA (no, the other NASA).

5. Designed some furniture for my office: industrial shelving with ply-boo inlays, and a standing workstation, also made with bamboo ply and metal. The workstation I assembled myself, and got some help with the shelving from a professional.

6. Got back into role playing. The kind with dice and character sheets. I almost forgot how fun it can be! Glad I didn't.

7. Worked with some brilliant people to launch Nebula One.

8. Finally got my green card.

9. Went on an epic road trip across the USA. Saw the Andy Warhol museum, the Fallingwater house, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse memorial, the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, drove on the salt until I was giddy, and generally had a good time.

10. Totally geeked out on cooking, and got pretty good at it.

11. Got a new job.

12. Went to Berlin and London, for the first time in almost five years. That was good. Saw many of my good friends, drove on the autobahn, visited the Sherlock Holmes museum.

13. Did some digital art. Still figuring it out, but it seems like I can adapt to creating directly on a screen.

So that's about it for the year. Turned out pretty good, considering that I mostly winged it. Here's to the new one.

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