Men act and think. Women are pretty.

Was stocking up on vitamins yesterday, and saw this wonder of modern marketing in the store. Behold:

See? They're for women and men, because they're different. Purple! Blue! One gives you "physical/mental energy" and the other "supports bones/skin/nails!" OMG! Are you sure the two sexes are even from the same solar system? Because men DO shit that requires physical and mental energy, and women just stand around looking good with their healthy skin and nails.

Our physiologies are sooooo different! The one sex' gummy vitamin is probably so radically different as to be harmful to the other?

Welp, no. There are some minor differences in dosages of a few elements, and two or three elements are completely different, but the rest is pretty much exactly the same.

After admiring the display for a few moments and snapping this picture, I went and got a non-gendered vitamin D. In a white bottle.

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