About Rocky

 Meet Rocky.

Rocky is a Boa Constrictor Imperator, and this salmon pink that you're seeing in the photo is what he really looks like. Also, this is one of the natural colorations that these snakes can have in the wild! It's amazing that something like this can exist in nature, and I get the exquisite privilege of having this little guy hang out at my house!

We got Rocky at the Serpentarium in Lodi. Rather, J got it for me, because for a while I've been obsessing over giant snakes, and almost adopted a Burmese Python off Craigslist (someone got to it before me). We went to the Serpentarium and to the East Bay Vivarium on a weekend so that we could see how big adult Burmese really get.

Both these places are selling reptiles, but they have a number of animals there that are not for sale and you can have a look at them in their cages. Once I saw what a 20 ft (6m) snake really looks like, I realized that keeping one is beyond what we can safely handle at home. The Burmese pythons are completely and utterly stunning though, and I do hope that I'll get to handle one some day.

So I asked the guy at the Serpentarium, what a safe one-person snake would be, as in -- which snakes grow big, but not too big for a single person to handle. Because let's face it, a pet that you can't handle without a second adult present for safety is not practical.

Turns out, they just recently had a clutch of adorable Boa c. Imperator hatch (or rather get born; erm, they kind of hatch from their eggs inside their mother but come out alive and ready to take on the world). The store associate brought out a couple younglings in their little boxes, and we settled on this tiny dude.

The reason behind picking a male was that they don't grow quite as bit as females, so that he can always be safely handled by either one of us, even if the other isn't there for safety.

We called him Rocky BalBoa. Because he is a boa.

He's started his life with us in a plastic bin, but has since upgraded to a large glass enclosure with a climbing branch. With any luck, this will last him a year, but likely now.

I'm amazed at how inquisitive and mostly chill the little guy is. He's been a bit shy eating, but whenever I leave the mouse with him overnight, it's gone in the morning, and he's got a little bump in his belly. That works. We feed him frozen and warmed-up mice, so we can safely leave the food with him.

Anyways, he's an awesome little dude, and we adore him, and look forward to seeing him grow!

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