Update about Makeba

 Remember that malnourished, burned, and weakened little snake we adopted back in May? Yes, Makeba.

So in three months he went from looking like this:

to this:

Gone are the seeping burn wounds, and even the scars are getting less noticeable with every shed. On the outside, he has developed quite a bit of iridescence, and on the inside, he has filled in his formerly baggy skin with muscle and a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat.

In the time that he's been with us, Makeba has been to the vet twice. The first time, we found out that he had abnormal bacteria growing in his throat, so he received three weeks' worth of oral antibiotics. The second time, he was found clear of infection and has been thriving since.

He has been living in a 100-quart Sterilite tub for all this time, waiting for his Animal Plastics T8 cage to arrive. They have pretty long lead times on the cages, to the tune of 8-10 weeks during peak demand times, but the new palatial enclosures for Makeba, Coil, and Leeloo should be arriving here the week after next.

I am so proud of my little survivor! He's fought so hard to make a recovery from the very sorry state we've found him in.

Also, he's entirely adorable.

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